Advanced Filmmaking for Teens

By Travis Schlafmann

Looking for a better camp experience? So was DMA, and that’s why the founder (a former Stanford University educator) created Digital Media Academy. Every year DMA improves the camp experience with feedback from parents and teens, and 2009 was no different.

In 2009 DMA launched its Beginning and Advanced Digital Filmmaking courses for teens. Teens in the film camp make all kinds of movies…like comedy, suspense, horror, extreme sports, and even music videos. With Canon HD video cameras, along with sound and lighting equipment just like that used by the professionals, teens get a hands-on experience learning how to make films.

The Future of Film Camp
Instead of parking students in front of a screen and subjecting them to hours of boring film study, DMA gives teens the chance work directly on their own personal film project. Teens use HD video cameras on location, and they’re also taught advanced film and lighting techniques to achieve a shallow or deep depth of field and begin to control the image captured on the camera. The week ends with an editing session using Final Cut Pro.

Instructors cater to each student’s different experience level and during the week, teens get plenty of opportunity to learn from professionals while creating their own style. One camper said, “The camp feels more like a 48-hour film festival!” And like any film festival the exciting part comes during the screening when each student gets the opportunity to show their work on the “big screen.”

For any teenager interested in learning Hollywood filmmaking, Digital Media Academy offers an unparalleled experience. Digital Filmmaking for Teens – Advanced is the film camp that can take your skills to a whole new level.