“Terminator 4″ Film Actress Attends DMA: Meet Jada-Grace Gordy

By Margaret Lim

As one of the main characters in Terminator 4: Terminator Salvation, nine-year old Jada-Grace Berry has had extensive experience in front of the camera. She recently, however, came to Digital Media Academy’s Adventures in Movie Making and Special Effects course at UCLA because even though she’s a star in front of the camera, she wanted to learn what happens behind the scenes.

Jada Grace plays a refugee of the war against the Terminators in Terminator Salvation.

“It’s harder than I thought! At first I had no idea what I was doing, but now it’s really fun. I think editors have the hardest job because they have to decide what scene they like and don’t like.”

Jada-Grace Berry

Working with DMA instructor and UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television graduate Anthony Puente, Jada-Grace has learned what it means to be a storyboard writer, a camera operator, a director and an editor, in addition to being an actress.

Making a Movie
When asked about her experience learning she said, “I have learned that directors have to be really specific, and that actors and actresses really have to listen to their directors!” But she already knew that being a big Hollywood star, right?

UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television graduate, DMA instructor Anthony Puente and Jada-Grace.

Jada-Grace has also had an opportunity to work with high-end HDV cameras. When asked about her experience being a camera person, she exclaimed, “camera people really have to know what you’re doing before they start shooting!”

Jada-Grace has taken her learning of the entire movie making industry so seriously that mid-week she asked her instructor Anthony if she could have an “extra” assignment, which she would design herself. As it turns out, her extra assignment is a set of very detailed notes on the different roles of movie making!

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