Teaching the Basics of Filmmaking

By Lee Manansala

The basics of filmmaking are, to be perfectly frank, the most important things an aspiring filmmaker needs to know.  Composition, screen direction, shot sizes, set direction—these are the things that get one hired as a director in the film, television, or advertising industry. 

A future filmmaker gets ready to capture the action using a Canon HD camera.

Cinematic Vision
Students at DMA have creativity to spare. DMA’s filmmaking instructors teach them how to apply that creativity to the medium of film, and how to use the tools to realize their cinematic visions. It may sound odd to use a term like “cinematic visions” to describe short films made by teenagers, but it’s entirely appropriate—kids are eager to learn, and have lofty and amazing ideas—just like real filmmakers, they have a real sense of what they want their films to be.

In DMA’s film camps for teens students learn Final Cut Pro, an incredibly sophisticated (but intuitive) film editing program. Teens get the basics early on and very comfortably ease into using the software. At DMA we’re getting a lot of great instruction into 5 days or multiple weeks, depending on the course. Usually, during the first week, the end of the third day finds the entire class immersed in their project work.

If you’ve dreamt of making movies but never thought it was a possibility, check out how Digital Media Academy can get you started in this amazing industry. Imagine your credits at the end of the movie!