Final Cut Pro Success Story

By bbailey

By Baynard Bailey: Editor, Trainer, and Instructional Technologist

My first year as the Media Cloisters Manager at Vassar College, I sort of dreaded the Final Cut Pro questions that came my way. I knew the bare minimum but I always felt inadequate when helping people. Last summer I was able to take the DMA FCP workshop. I came away with the skills needed to edit video in Final Cut Pro. I now love answering FCP questions. I used my new skills to edit a video for New Student Orientation that everyone was pretty pleased with:

2008 Vassar Library New Student Orientation from Baynard on Vimeo.

I also used my Final Cut Pro knowledge to put together a series of training videos for the students that worked at the Cloisters. I would never have been able to accomplish this without the outstanding training I received at DMA.