Staying Healthy with my Apple iPod

By Philip Harding

Written by Doug Larsen of the John Lennon Bus 

Okay, so I know I’ve joked about this before, but one of my real concerns with life on the road actually is physical fitness and health. Trying to find a hotel with a fitness center or a pool big enough to swim laps in can sometimes be tough, and I have troubles motivating myself to run miles outside.  

Running exercise with ipodThat’s where Apple came in.  They’ve teamed up with Nike Plus to create a really cool combination of music, technology, and running.  So how it works is you get some Nike running shoes, an Apple iPod nano, and a chip that goes inside your shoes.  It tracks how far you run, and gives you option for your iPod to play music while telling you mile markers you reach, calories you’ve burned, and time left in your run.  All your info is posted on the Nike Plus website, and you can challenge friends there.  Right now, Seamus and I have a “first to run 50 miles challenge”.  I also have a challenge with a teammate from soccer back the University of Miami!  So I just thought I’d share that one with everybody, and if you get motivated to start up Nike Plus, let’s get a challenge started!