Technology and Lifelong Learning

By Lara


Janet Armstrong is a high school teacher at Adrian Wilcox High School in Santa Clara, California. She recently attended CUE (Computer Using Educators) Conference, where she learned of Digital Media Academy.

Seeing the importance of technology in today’s world and the importance of keeping up with and teaching the latest technology to her students, she is going to take a DMA course this summer to advance her skills. The following are her views on technology in the classroom.

Schools have seen the need to educate students to make appropriate, efficient and productive use of available technologies. At the same time, they are compelled to reduce the digital divide that exists between higher and lower socioeconomic groups of students, giving them all access to the same tools. Consequently, as the tools advance, educators must be at the forefront of lifelong learning.

“Lifelong learning” is a phrase that has been buzzing around academia for the last decade or longer. It’s a mindset educators must have to stay connected to the ever-evolving technology that seems to grow exponentially each year. Teachers and administrators MUST stay abreast these advances or they will quickly find themselves becoming educational fossils.

Mastering Today’s Technology…and Tomorrow’s
Skills once reserved only for high school students are more appropriate today for middle school students. This has created the opportunity to expose high school students to cutting-edge technologies that are fun, interesting and highly engaging. At Wilcox High School in Santa Clara we are opening two new digital media courses that employ the use of Adobe CS4 products to teach Web design, digital image editing, digital storytelling, and publication design. To be a proficient teacher I must become a proficient user of these tools.

This summer, DMA’s tech camps at Stanford University will prepare me to be such a teacher. The Introduction to Web Design with Adobe CS4 – Dreamweaver, Flash & Photoshop course will enhance my current skills as I learn the latest version of these programs to design lessons and activities for my students.

Start Learning & Keep Learning
Life today is complex and diverse. As never before, communication involves the constant use of visuals, sound, and action. The Digital Age surrounds us now and education has the responsibility to prepare our children to use the tools today and into the future. Thankfully, Digital Media Academy has revolutionized this process.