My Son Had Fun at Digital Media Adventures!

By Phil Gibson

Our Thanks to Claire Haggin, DMA Adventures Parent

“Last summer, my 9-year old son Miles worked on three different types of computer games while at Digital Media Academy tech camp: Platformer, Ball & Stick and Dodge the Screen Bouncers.

A Full Week of Discovery
On Monday, the teacher started by explaining how to “control” the environment with arrow keys so the characters won’t “float” around. After that, he showed them how to make ladders, how to utilize the screen to “zoom” and “follow” a character  –  even how to create enemies who shoot weapons that must be dodged!

By the end of the week, they had even learned how to incorporate sound effects like “crashing” and “breaking” noises.

My son especially liked circling around and switching chairs so he could  play and test classmates’ games, and of course, give them feedback.

A Well Balanced Day for Kids
A highlight of every morning and afternoon was going outside to play. After working for a few hours, it was a great way to get re-energized.

A favorite memory was playing a game that involved tying a balloon around your ankle, then running around trying to pop others’ balloons – all while not getting your balloon popped.

All in all, Miles really had fun in the DMA Adventures program. And he also loved the lunches!”