Are Video Games Bad for You?

By Phill Powell

It’s a question that parents have been asking since the Pong machine first graced family living rooms. Are video games good for kids?

Well actually, they are. In fact, according to a new research, there are a number of benefits that come from regularly playing video games. For example, did you know your manual dexterity and response time improve by playing video games? People that play video games are typically better at multitasking, surgeons that play video games are better doctors and even children can learn to read quicker, all by playing video games.


(Infographic: Frugal Dad)

Beating the Game of Life
It’s true Mom and Dad—playing video games has a definite up side. If you enjoy playing video games you might want to consider turning that hobby into a career. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in console games like those on the Xbox or games that play on Google Android, game development can open up a world of opportunities. A career in game design is a way to create games, not just play them.