RoboGames 2013 Rocks San Mateo

By Phill Powell

Known as “the Olympics of Robots,” the tenth annual RoboGames is gearing up to take place this weekend in San Mateo, California. The RoboGames event is always a big attraction, and event coordinators estimate that tens of thousands of robo fans have attended RoboGames during the last five years.

And it’s on! People come to RoboGames to see the sparks fly as robots really go at it. (Credit: Dave Schumaker)

The RoboGames let robot fans come together and enjoy all things robotic. This year’s RoboGames promises more than 50 different individual competitive events—

“The stands are filled with people watching 220-pound robots shoot flames and smash into each other and androids cart-wheeling down the soccer field.”

-RoboGames Website

including combat robots, LEGO® robots, firefighter robots, soccer-playing robots. Even android robots that perform kung-fu moves. As the RoboGame website says, “Some robots are autonomous, some are remote-controlled—but they’re all cool!”

Robot soccer team suits up for match at RoboGames. (Credit: Sam Coniglio)

Come to Play, Play to Win
The website also points out that RoboGames is an open event, so anyone who buys a ticket is allowed to enter their own robots in the competition. It should be a wild show, whether you’re competing or not: “The stands are filled,” says the website, “With people watching 220-pound robots shoot flames and smash into each other and androids cart-wheeling down the soccer field.” Now, that’s a show!

Check the RoboGames site for updates about each day’s events and see you back here tomorrow for DMA’s report from the RoboGames in San Mateo.

Building a Better Robot
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Watch Robots Rumble in RoboGames Combat!

Robot fans of all ages will find much to amaze them at RoboGames 2013. (Credit: Dave Schumaker)

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